Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Hero's Journey

Wonder, woman, was it worth it,
that saving a world that will
not save itself -
the choking man
that bites
the fingers
in his throat;
the child
of drought
striking matches
in the trees.
I wonder, woman,
what it's like
to watch the sorry,
daily news
go by -
feeling worn
and feeling older,
your hero's journey
never over.

For Midweek Motif ~ Journey at Poets United


Marja said...

wow well written food for thought with the powerful ending "your hero's journey never over"
I do think that the hero's do make a difference, their seemingly low impact will ripple and turn into waves.....slowly

J. T said...

This was deep and distinguished. Nice write.

Sherry Marr said...

You must have written this poem for me. That is EXACTLY how I feel, have been trying since the 60's to save the world, that does not want feels - weary. Resigned. Refusing to be hopeless because how does one live without hope? But....sometimes hopeless. As if the human experiment has failed. You have expressed the angst of our times to perfection.

Blogoratti said...

Very well put together with so much emotion, and a delight to read. Greetings.

indybev said...

Weary we are and waiting for heroes. Well written!

Thotpurge said...

I think the news now just leaves me numb... hope has given up and sits in a corner shrugging.

Sumana Roy said...

I thought of Sherry too as I read the poem and then saw her comment. Smiles. "your hero's journey / never over."...This has been from time immemorial & will continue till the end of civilization.

Susan said...

It's in the blood, isn't it? All the wonder women I have known--many of them still pushing on through the written word.

John Buchanan said...

A sad reflection on 'humanity', funny how we use that word as a positive when actually it is the opposite!

Namy said...

The news these days is sorry, but yes many weary warriors continue to labour through