Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Gray Man

We're afraid.
With the internet, any fool can make a bomb.
We're not safe.
Not our selves, our jobs, our kids, our place
in the world; it's a race
to the bottom,
the breakneck bottom,
of a fall.

So let's kill them all.
Build a big, beautiful wall.
Make America white again -
show her might again.
Our leadership these last
few years has been (black)
weak and stupid.
What we need now
is strength (not a woman).
Only I (an old, rich,
heterosexual, Caucasian male)
can fix this
(hateful, hateful

But it's unfair to only air the nasty
sound(ing) bit(e)s.
Some of them, I guess,
are good people, right?
Deport eleven million
or two million
or just the bad ones.
And ban all Muslims -
well, not forever, just until
we figure out what
the hell
is going on and come up
with an ideology test
'Merican as apple pie
and Kardashians.
There's my African-American!
Black Lives Matter.
Every time a black woman dies
by gun violence
a Twitter bird
gets its wings.
What have you got
to lose?  And Blue
Lives Matter, too.  Let's arm
More Kevlar,
less health care.
Sick cops are low
energy and boring.
Our military,
our heroes in uniform,
deserve our utmost respect
(don't you dare exercise a right
they fought for by kneeling
during the national anthem),
but I know more abut ISIS.
I studied military strategy
during my numerous deferments.

What is a simple soft target
like me or you to do?
I'm as base an animal as any.
My ears are tuned to self-preservation.
But if the enemy of my enemy
is also my enemy,
who is my friend?
Not him,
not some empty man of gray -
the sorry sum of left unsaid
and what he can't unsay.

A rough draft rant for The Tuesday Platform at Real Toads


Gillena Cox said...

hmmm, quite a rant, luv the rhetoric, and the sarcasm, its acrid yet profound

much love...

brudberg said...

This is too close to reality for me... and it's not the Philippines.

I'm even more afraid, as war is far more likely anywhere else but the US.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

You nailed it.......we are moving towards a potential nightmare beyond anything Orwell ever thought up............

Marian said...

Your last stanza is intriguing... and this is overall quite nauseating (stating the obvious I realize)

Joon said...

I don't get down with all this political, and community, stuff. But I do know a smart writer when I see one.

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

I like a good rant; and it must be very tempting to indulge, in your present political climate. But there's little fun in reading this, and surely not in writing it. I hear underlying despair.

kaykuala said...

So it is. There is so much to rant about. A lot of mismatch to what there is on the ground. Sounding like the ongoing Presidential race. No wonder a lot came piling on Trump's shoulders!


Jim said...

It will be a really sad state of affairs if this MAN would be elected. Terrible already that enough people think the way of your poem to even get him on the ballet. A very courageous write to take a public stand of this nature.

Sioux said...

So, I guess you're not a Trump supporter? ;)

Outlawyer said...

Thank you, MZ. I could not agree more.

I posted a pictogram thing on medium. A different slant. Maybe will send you link if interested. I didn't post to my blog as am just too disheartened. K.

Fireblossom said...

Mama Zen being loquacious, and all it took was The Donald.

Other Mary said...

Ack...you nailed it.

Kerry O'Connor said...

I should laugh (or snigger) but you have sharpened the edge of your wit for this one... And some things are so crazy as to be laughable.

Buddah Moskowitz said...

As one of the "some, I assume are good people" this hit perfectly. I don't even have to like Clinton that much to make this a really easy decision.

I can't believe how much of his drivel I recognized, and even more so, how much you knew!

It's a rant, but it's a rant done right and it's worthwhile.

Thanks, my dear friend - Moskowitz the Mexican

Susie Clevenger said...

Oh The Donald...You are spot on as they say. How did we get to the bottom of the barrel?

Bekkie Sanchez said...

Very good thoughts on Trump. Be very afraid if this becomes "that America."

grapeling said...

yeah. fuck that guy. we're in deep shit, though, even if he "loses".

damnit. ~