Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Now That I'm Grown

Now that I'm grown,
I want to know

how I used to bareleg tramp
through unmown pastures
without getting so much as an itch,

what magic ingredient made Vick's
salve a cure-all in my Grannie's hands,

and when simple stray cats turned
so fearsome and feral.

For The Tuesday Platform at Real Toads


Kerry O'Connor said...

These lines made me think back on those days when everything seemed so effortless.. I remember there wasn't a tree I couldn't climb.

Shawna said...

OMG. That is SO true about Vick's. I swear by that stuff. :) I could almost eat it, I love the scent so much! I smear it under my nose with my finger just so that I can sniff at it all the time.

Susan said...

All that and when it became unsafe for children to sit in front or someone to hold a baby in a car.

Marian said...

Yes.... when did that happen?

Sioux said...

Carly Simon did a song called "It Was So Easy Then" or something like that (on the "You're So Vain" album... or was it called "No Secrets"?) Anyway, the lyrics went:

"I remember a time'
Romping through the woods
Sun against our skin instead of clothes
When we'd get hungry we would eat
(when we felt glad, we'd dance?)
and whenever we felt drowsy we would doze.

It was so easy then, holdin' hands without a plan
It was so easy then..."

I might have forgotten some of the lyrics, hence the parenthesis, but your poem reminded me of it.

Yeah, I walked barefoot along hot sidewalks when I was a kid. What in the world happened to me?

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I used to hike the hills full of rattlesnakes alone and met nary a one....love the reminder about the Carly Simon song......perfect!

Anonymous said...

With age comes the knowledge of briars and bad-tempered strays. Would that we were younger again, eh? Tightly built and finely executed stuff.

Outlawyer said...

Lovely--I have a very funny story about my daughter's wife getting bitten by poisonous fish in Amazon with Vicks. (My daughter is an environmental botanist, I guess you'd call it so gets to go crazy places.) Thanks MZ. Much enjoyed. k.

Jim said...

Nice reading, Mom Zee. Memories some, other things I learned. Barelegged hadn't bothered me, we, sister either, didn't do that. Mom, a city girl moved with Dad to his country, wouldn't let us go barefooted, we lived on a farm and she was afraid we might step on some broken glass. Funny, the dogs didn't get their feet cut, ever.

Magaly Guerrero said...

Those days of invincibility and unexplained magics... I think we all want to know.

rallentanda said...

Still use Vicks. Must be a global panacea. Sweet poem.

angieinspired said...

I want to know, just when did I grow? A wistful look back. When I walk through pastures, I try to avoid tall grass. Maybe I'm missing out.

kaykuala said...

through unmown pastures
without getting so much as an itch

It is so much fun to enjoy the freedom of times gone by. Especially so when nothing had caused unnecessary hindrance!


gillena cox said...

You know: I ask myself the same question. Its good to see it voiced.And as for Vicks; well i still swear by it
Wonderful write Mama!!!

Much love...

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Good to know that Vicks is still working its magic all over the Western world! :)

You've summed up these mysteries with very well-chosen examples which it's evident we can all relate to.