Saturday, April 16, 2016

Storm Signs

The wind woke wet
this morning,
tattled through the wind chimes,
and tore a hole
through the gardening
I'd thought I would do today.
It's a bluebonnet breeze -
Texas bred
with bad intentions -
hungry for roofs
and the bones of houses.
All the house cats belly crawl,
and make small,
and terrapins
slow cross the road.
Animals know
storm signs
better than man.
Even the fish
swim deep.
Birds hold their breath
song silent in their nests.
Dogs doze,
but refuse to leave the kids.
Sometimes you will find them
still nestled
with remains.

A rough draft for Karin's prompt at Real Toads


Sioux said...

I love the idea of a storm having "bad intentions."

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love the way creatures know storms are coming. At the ocean, the seabirds all huddle in a mass, facing out to sea, and then we would know a storm was on the way. I love your "bluebonnet breeze", "hungry for roofs and the bones of houses. " Wow.

brudberg said...

Somehow i couldn't think of a bluebonnet breeze to be a threat... but maybe you need to be an animal to feel the menace before it comes. It was said that during the big Tsunami in 2004 there were islands where everyone survived because they observed the animals and went for higher ground before the wave came...

Susie Clevenger said...

Oh we are in the season of storms.. I so remember huddling in a closet in Broken cat and dog at my feet. Thankfully the wind gave us a reprieve.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Wonderfully woven! Especially adore the term bluebonnet breeze..!

Outlawyer said...

Agh, beautifully framed and told. Thanks, MZ. Wonderful. K.

ellecee said...

Enjoyed this so much. I have seen my animals act just the same when they sense something is going to happen, weather or otherwise. Sometimes the most beautiful of breezes turn into storms. So well done,,,

Marilyn Cavicchia said...

This is fantastic! Beautiful and ominous. I can feel the storm coming.

Debi Swim said...

tattled through the windchimes
Texas bred with bad intentions... love those phrases!!!!!

That is one scary storm.

She said...

"It's a bluebonnet breeze -
Texas bred
with bad intentions"

Of course I love this, being from Texas.

kaykuala said...

Animals have an uncanny feel of approaching storm or even tsunami or earthquakes. They probably can hear the earth movements in the distance and get restless. Rightly so MZ!


De said...

SO much love for this verb choice right here:
tattled through the wind chimes

Gemma Wiseman said...

Animals' senses are acute - a good warning guide for us. Love the final insight into animals keeping close to their young... so sensitive.

Anonymous said...

I'm the same way with my dead. This cranked the storm catapult back slow and sure and loosed it with those final lines.

Kerry O'Connor said...

Your keen sense of observation makes the morning feel so real. Animals do know when the weather is about to turn. I'm grateful for the dogs keeping an eye on the children but fear for the birds in high winds.

C.C. said...

LOVE the personification of the bluebonnet breeze....the way the storm is hungry for roofs. Stellar!!

Fireblossom said...


grapeling said...

oh.... ~