Monday, March 28, 2016

This Do

painting by David Ligare

First born of the first families of pharisees!
Bow your heads.
You pew perfect women and broad-shouldered men
with cowboy hats in hand -
let us pray.

This do in remembrance

of the drowning space
between the red words
and the black;
of the dances
forbidden and the wars
of the smug standards
and the whisper whips
that uphold them.

This do in remembrance

of a cross too heavy
for all the saints outside
now wearing a much easier yoke.
Even Jesus spoke of wine
and refused to cast the stone.

This do in remembrance

of the gospels of women,
the ebb and flow of faith,
and the dark birth discovery
that belief
is the decision to believe,
to take the body on the tongue,
to taste the copper in the communion cup.

This do in remembrance.


Drink up.

A VERY rough draft for The Mag


Kay said...


Sara McNulty said...

Wow! This paints its own dynamic scene.

Kerry O'Connor said...

Such an immaculate poem, MZ. I love the way you develop the images but return the reader to the idea of communion with the refrain. So much in life is done in remembrance, I believe. If not in regret.

Kathe W. said...

very thoughtful.

Fireblossom said...

I love the forbidden dances and the cheered wars.

Bekkie Sanchez said...

This reminds me of how many different people and their sins, deal with communion all in their own ways. It is very personal isn't it?

Truedessa said...

Well, I do enjoy a glass of wine or two...sorry, I am not drinking from a cup that everyone has been drinking from...does that make me bad?

C. Sandlin said...

Excellent rhythm and your words snap just like those 'whispered whips.'

grapeling said...

damn. before guns and roses came wine and loaves ~