Monday, March 7, 2016

Broken Carousel

I am not the one who broke the carousel.
It wasn't me that fed the horses
amethyst and bone
and hid, defiant, in the darkness
to watch the sparks fly
and the strength of the spinning slow.

I am not the one who burned the ferris wheel;
burned it to the ground -
ashes at a hearth of steel.
I didn't giggle
at the midway made oblivion.
I'll cry if you will.

I am just the one who shut the games down.
Pulled the ancient levers
and let the spirit leave the eyes
of all the horror story clowns
we couldn't help but keep around -
you and I.

For The Sunday Whirl.  Sorry I've been slow to visit.  We've had a stomach at my house.


Fireblossom said...

This is horrible, and sad, and really well conceived and written. Something as light as a carousel speaks to lighter times, which makes the end of it all all the more disheartening. "We start off so kind just to end so heartlessly."--Joni Mitchell

brenda w said...

Heartbreaking. This fills me with emptiness, if that makes sense. That said, I read it several times, and LOVE it.

Sylvia K said...

Heartbreaking it is and I've read it several times, too!! A great one as always, MZ!!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh the heartbreak of a broken carousel, and the devastating feeling of the spirit leaving the eyes of the "horror story clowns" sad, so starkly and brilliantly written. Wow. Hope the flu bug has passed, MZ.

Marilyn B said...

So sad. So tragic. So beautiful.


Well I loved it and couldn't help but release a few sinister giggles as I read. But then again, the "bad guys" are always my favorite characters. They're also the most fun, whether you like it or not. And you may say that you don't, but you secretly do.

Keep writing like this and I may start stalking you. ;)

Sioux said...

Those last three lines--especially--speak volumes.

kaykuala said...

We are not the ones to blame! We are meant for better things! Often times one is left facing the music while the culprits smile from afar.


Magaly Guerrero said...

Terribly sad for everyone involved. Like Hank suggests, so many time the ones who are truly to blame are never even talked about. But I don't know, I always feel something not so pretty for anyone who just stood around... I know how mean that sounds, how unfair (most of the time) but the heart feels what the heart feels... and often times the feelings are ugly *sigh*.

You wrote this so wonderfully. The tone is perfect.

Magaly Guerrero said...

P.S. We, too, had a stomach all weekend... not pretty.