Thursday, December 31, 2015

When I'm Lonely

When I'm lonely,
when I'm lonely,
I let my fingers
find your song.

When I'm lonely,
when I'm lonely,
I love your lyrics
with my tongue.

Nothing compares to the rush
when you dare
to hold me.

Too dizzy to care for the cost,
I'm lost
in you only.

You know me.

You're my melody
when I'm lonely.

For Fireblossom Friday at Real Toads


angieinspired said...

when i'm hungry, when i'm hungry, i read your poems. thanks for writing all year! i seriously look forward to reading your stuff! i don't always comment, but i always enjoy.

Hannah said...

I love the lyrical quality to this and the sensuality...and that you posted at exactly 1:11! :)

Sylvia K said...

I do totally agree with Hannah -- lyrical and sensual it is indeed! And, as always, I love it!! Have a wonderful, beautiful and very Happy New Year, MZ!!

Fireblossom said...

This is just absolutely beautiful, and fits Gerda's painting to a tee.

Sioux said...

This poem flows across the page like a song. And Shay is right. It is a perfect companion for the painting.

Outlawyer said...

Sweet poem, MZ. Happy new year! k.

Susan said...

Fingers and tongue find the way into melody and out of the loneliness--how lovely to have a dizzy loving time/being awaiting. Wow! I have such in my memory. Love this poem. Happy New Year.

Kerry O'Connor said...

I thought this painting was absolutely stunningly beautiful and your poem is the perfect accompaniment.

hedgewitch said...

I also was drawn to this painting--now am glad I picked another, as I could never capture the sense of song in it as you have. The melody, like all the best ones, is sweet, simple and true.

Anonymous said...

Your repeated line really drives home the point. I don't see this as being about love; I think it's about the person you give yourself to when you're feeling really low. So the opposite must be true when you're not lonely. In fact, you probably wouldn't be with this person at all if you weren't in desperate need.

Honestly, I see it as being about marriage. Especially with that "You know me" line. Also, the double meaning in "Nothing compares to the rush ..." I don't think he makes time for you. If he ever bothers to hold you, it's for a seriously short period of time.

And then there's the cost of succumbing to your need for him. You're dizzy from the fast go-go-go pace of life, responsibility, etc. But you just need to feel something, to be touched, to connect ... despite the price you'll pay later. You're setting yourself up for more heart because, by opening up your body, you can't help but open up (at least a little of) your heart. Then the cycle begins again: He'll hurt you, he won't meet your needs, he'll let you down. THAT is the cost of giving yourself to him.

"I'm lost / in you only" means that he is your only lover, partner, and maybe even friend. But in the only-ness of that relationship, YOU are lost. You can't find yourself in your marriage.

That being said, a person who is bent toward melancholy and drama MUST have a solid "melody" in her ear. Sure, harmonies are what make our hearts flutter. But a poet/artist/fragile soul must be guided, sustained, supported by a strong c(h)ord. She needs that attachment to her husband, even if it's not as fulfilling as she'd like.

I've never read a better description of grabbing a man's penis: "I let my fingers / find your song."

Or maybe I'm wrong about all of this. Maybe you just meant it to be sweet.

Susie Clevenger said...

"Your my melody when I'm lonely" Oh that speaks to me..A beautiful piece!

Sherry Blue Sky said...


brudberg said...

Love is perfect when it's set to music... and music is perfect when played with love.

grapeling said...

this is damn fine, MZ ~