Friday, May 22, 2015

Alpha Bitch Can

Alpha bitch
can get things
Every closed door is a broken window.

Alpha bitch
can find
feral words while
growling through her lipstick
while helping pups with homework without
batting an I (can't take this anymore!).

Alpha bitch
can kill with kindness,
love lick,
nurse -
one handed and half-brained.

Alpha bitch
can feed on pain

and never needs
peace or
quiet or
rest or
never stands on the threshold of an ugly cry,
a very ugly cry,
wishing she'd never laid eyes on these people,
wishing she was still young enough to run
anywhere but - NO!

exhale / inhale

Alpha bitch can

exhale / inhale

keep her zen and her shit

exhale / inhale


An alphabetical (look for it!) to do list poem for the Birthday Girl at Real Toads. Inspired by the FOUR HOURS I spent last night building a car out of pipe cleaners and duct tape.


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh yes. She can. AND write killer poetry at the same time.

Sylvia K said...

Oh, yes indeed -- she can, we can, but she can write terrific poetry for all of us!!

Kerry O'Connor said...

Brava, MZ!

Being top dog is hard work but better than being the underdog.

Fireblossom said...

You are alpha to be sure, Kelli! Rawr, out of my way!

hedgewitch said...

Nothing goes together like rage and zen, I say. (inhale/exhale) A fine brew of alphabet stew that speaks to the feral that will fight forever against being completely tamed.

Susan said...

I feel a kinship between our two poems.
Holding on

Buddah Moskowitz said...

Alpha Bitch kicks ass! I haven't read a such a good poem about the self in years! Love you, Alpha Bitch.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Oh yeah alpha bitch rocks! :D

De said...

Oh, lordy, do I ever feel this one, DEEP. (I have two junior highers.) Thank you for this. It felt cathartic just to read it. ;)

Lolamouse said...

You go Alpha Bitch! Perhaps a glass of wine?

brudberg said...

A little zen comes with that exhale/inhale.. that or the explosion...

Marion Lawless said...

Ah, those meditative, last minute projects! Wonderful, inspiring poem! xo

Emily said...

I was 100% certain this was about me. But you seem to have another muse ... yourself.

I see all the alphabet letters except J and Y. If your O were also missing, I'd think you were spelling JOY with the missing letters. But "one-handed" covers that. There's technically a Y in "anywhere," which is used twice, in succession. So maybe it's just the J I can't locate.

I love this poem, especially the third stanza.

Gail said...

I absolutely love this!!!!

The funny thing is the world surrounding us has no clue how close we are to becoming the feral, wild thing.

Jim said...

Nice list, M.Zee. I almost misted the delayed "U" (ugly).
If there can be a queen of the feral words then it is you. You do wonders with them.

C.C. said...

I've been an alpha bitch with pipe cleaners before.....and THIS rocks :-) Love it so completely. Splendid!!

Anonymous said...

missing J ... exhale/inhale ... I get it

grapeling said...

ok, where's the J? is that why you needed pipe cleaner? :) ~

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Alpha bitch is awesome!

Marian said...

Love this! Love! It's like a mantra. I am not so good at "without batting an I can't take it anymore" as I am far more likely to bitch and moan and be audibly pissed off throughout, and then get the shit done. Hah!