Friday, March 6, 2015

Seven Scents Of Rain

Toril "Wanna Play" 12 x 24

She came soft as the seven scents of rain.
Quiet as the bloom and birth of the hills.
I know she may not pass this way again,

but I'll belly down in the long grass til
I hear her breath, her careful red dirt steps
quiet as the bloom and birth of the hills.

I sleep under the stars and outside my head
open to the wind and bare to the black.
I can hear her breath, her careful red dirt steps;

then the trip, the scream, the snap of the trap
ripping and chewing and leaving her bones
open to the wind and bare to the black.

But I'll not be taking a fox tail home.
She turned to her teeth to tear herself free
ripping and chewing and leaving her bones

to taunt me.

Then she was gone like the seven scents of rain.
Fur in her teeth having torn herself free.
I know she will not pass this way again.

A very (very, very) rough draft for Margaret's prompt at Real Toads.

Guess what?  Last year, one of my poems was included in the anthology Oklahoma Poems . . . and Their Poets.  Today, I learned that the anthology is a finalist for the 2015 Oklahoma Book Award for poetry.  Since my small involvement with the book is one of the ongoing thrills of my life, I just had to share!


Sylvia K said...

Oh, thank you for sharing the terrific news, MZ!! That's awesome and so well deserved!!! And I love the one for today, as always!!! Celebrate!!

hedgewitch said...

"I sleep under the stars and outside my head.." just gorgeous writing, MZ. The snap of the trap and the echoing lines make this as sharp as the pain of the hunter hunted--a haunting set of images. Congrats on the book!

Björn Rudberg said...

I love this.. both the repeated lines and the nested rhymes.. we might curse the fox but still its death will not bring joy.. Congrats on the book.. well deserved if I would go by what I read here.

Shimmer said...

The title makes me think of a mental ability so strong that it's beyond even a sixth sense.

As for the rest of the poem, it's beautiful and it makes me think of giving birth to a strong-willed, feisty child who tears herself away from you as she grows into a "fox" and is ready to leave home.

Susan said...

Wow. A story poem with a trap and bones. Tragic majesty. Congrats on the potential award!

Jennifer Wagner said...

Amazing. You write some of the best poetry I've ever read, MZ. Whether it's your shorter poems or just a little longer, like this one. Congrats on the anthology! And way cool on it being a finalist for the award!

Outlawyer said...

Hey MZ--congratulations! I feel quite sure that I know the two best poets in Oklahoma. I cannot imagine better.

I'm glad the fox got away! Thanks. K>

Gail said...


georgeplaceblog said...

Well deserved congratulations!
The picture of the fox chewing off his foot to get free... brutal. I had a German Shepard once who got caught in a small trap. She was able to pull it up and was waiting on the porch for me to get home and spring it. I felt so sorry for her but no damage was done thankfully.

Fireblossom said...

Oh, you mean that book that's sitting on my shelf right now? I think that's such cool news! Good luck!

As for the poem, poor fox, but clever enough to get away.

Susie Clevenger said...

First of all, fantastic news!! "I sleep under the stars and outside my head" I love that line. I wish could have a few moments outside my head.

Vandana Sharma said...

amazing, many congratulations for your publication :)

grapeling said...

so very deserving, MZ, for this, and every pen you share ~

Kerry O'Connor said...

As a poet, you deserve every award and accolade your State and country are at liberty to make.

This poem combines the beauty and brutality of man vs nature in a heart-stopping way.

my heart's love songs said...

that's wonderful, Kelli! and your poetry deserves to be published and to receive awards! you are a far better poet than you ever give yourself credit for.

and good for the fox! your first line is sublime!

Grandmother (Mary) said...

I was rooting for the fox! Congratulations on your poem being chosen and the book being recognized. Sweet!

Other Mary said...

Such beauty and brutality all in the course of a few lines. It's beautiful and bitter and hurts my heart.

And congratulations on the anthology and it's success. You always inspire me.

C.C. said...

"seven scents of rain"---this is this line. And, congratulations on the anthology...that is excellent news MZ :-)

Sioux said...

Mama Zen--Congratulations on the publication of your poem and the nomination of the book.

(And this piece is stunning.)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love "she came soft as the seven scents of rain," was glad she chewed herself free. And am so happy to hear the anthology you are in is up for an award. Fantastic!!!!

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Well done on your inclusion in the anthology and well done too on your poem above, rough draft or not

Love: her careful red dirt steps

Anna :o]