Friday, March 13, 2015

Rough Draft

The first (word) is the hardest.
Closing the fraction between you.
Nose to the left?  To the right?
Write what you know,
know if you write
it feels less like flying and more
am I doing this right?
like a stumbling rush
of fumbling forward till
pen to paper
lips touch.

For Izy's prompt at Real Toads


angieinspired said...

Am I doing this right? So endearing. Write on.

Susie Clevenger said...

This is amazing. Writing is like a first kiss, hesitant, not sure if it is the right move, not sure where it will end.

Lacy J said...

Writing and kisses feel the best
when you stick out your tongue
at every-one
and refuse
to take yourself too ser-

And yes, rough is the way to go.

Sneaking (word) into the first line was a clever move.

"closing the fraction" Love that.

Also, the "nose" involved in kissing becomes the "no's" involved in writing.

Sylvia K said...

Terrific, as always, and a great start for my day -- as always! Enjoy your weekend, MZ!!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Wow, if Mama Zen can wonder "am I doing this right?", no wonder the rest of us have angst! I especially love the pen to paper being likened to lips touching. Since this is how we speak our truth.

georgeplaceblog said...

Writing and first kiss - you are a genius

Björn Rudberg said...

That is the way to write... somehow I wonder if there are those moments when it fits.

Fireblossom said...

Writing about writing--or kissing--isn't easy, but what you've created here is fresh, human, and warm.

Isadora Gruye said...

That was my favorite part too! ANd what Birbiglia did : build up a story to one cascading punchline, you've done here in spades....this piece folds in on itself and come the last word, it has delivered itself neatly as package of awesome. Thanks so much for posting MZ and viva la

Kerry O'Connor said...

What a great way to present a split level of meaning both activities close to the hearts of poets and lovers.

blueoran said...

Love draws us into this mess; is there any other true theme? Death chuckles mucking it up, inserting its fraction between I and Thou. It's word-worthy friction, too ... Great comic timing in this.

Outlawyer said...

Ha. Super charming, MZ. Your nose is just in the right place. k.

Marina Sofia said...

Oh, yes, so true and so witty!

Jim said...

Fun to read, Mom Zee. I never worried about the side, it must have come naturally. I do remember kissing with a girl (?? -late teens, early 20's) who wore glasses. Seemed the glassed were right where we needed to be. She did not take them off.

First kiss here was in First Grade. We kissed after show and tell and petting.

Hannah said...

Oh!! MZ I love that you liken writing to a first kiss so apt! ♥

Lolamouse said...

The pacing of your poem matches the awkwardness of that first...whatever it is! Great job!

grapeling said...

I kinda get paper cuts that way. fumbling, and all ~

Outlawyer said...

This is so charming--and certainly there is that feeling of when you do get it right--or it feels right--(in my case, probably because it is fresh, so that always makes up for my inner deficiencies)--still that sense of noses bumping and lips touching one's idea, and the idea giving that bit back, is quite lovely--thanks, MZ> k.