Monday, June 30, 2014

Love Angry


and damn the weakness
that keeps me slinking back to the stick
like a cowed dog
waiting for the driest bone,
the faintest word of praise,
the touch of a salt lick hand.
Damn as weakness
all my fine fetching,
my seven howls,
my traitorous belly
and quivering
for your fingers.

I love angry,
but you murmur soft nonsense
into my sore silence, and

I heel,

and seethe
behind my blunted teeth.

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Fireblossom said...

Not too much doubt what the most complicated human relationship is. My own mother was always a pro at the bait and switch; a little honey, a lot of stick. I'll be damned if I'll volunteer to get beat anymore.

Ella said...

Damn, someone needs to heel or heal!
Love and dogs-yes, that sums it up quite well! Stay, no, go, heel and the chase~ I love this poem!

We both wrote about dogs-

Anonymous said...

potent, MZ ~

Susan said...

Reminds me of "The Call of the Wild" which I just reread. And being tamed by love when we're really gods and goddesses. But perhaps one must love angry in order to understand?

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I definitely can relate to this poem. I love the "seven howls".

Sioux said...

The whole thing is gorgeous, but "behind blunted teeth" is one of my favorites from this piece.