Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Personal Challenge

Just after she finished blowing us all away with her personal challenge write, Margaret Bednar passed the challenge baton to me.  My mission: find a painting or portrait of a woman and let her speak to me (offer advice, comment on my life, engage in conversation, etc.).  I looked at a lot of beautiful paintings, but it was this portrait of a young Virginia Woolf that spoke to me.

Sweet Briar

I'm rooted
in a sweet briar climb;
it's twining my thighs
and thorning.

by stones in my sleeve
and language
lost to rust.

by apple rain
and the sweet, wet rot
of the river.

to wash
the mud from my eyes;
I see too much.


Sioux said...

What a dark (but beautiful) piece.

Sylvia K said...

I agree with Sioux, dark but beautiful! Hope your week is going well, MZ!!

Lorraine Renaud said...

THe mix of life's beauty and ugliness well none other than you congrats

Anonymous said...

timeless. gorgeous. ~

Outlawyer said...

Commented over at Real Toads, but wanted to come back and like the poem here as well. There was a wonderful biography I read long long ago--by her nephew Quentin Bell, I think. I just remember really liking it. It had great photos, including this one, of course. A lovely poem that could work without reference to VW. k.