Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ode To A Boy

Turn him towards the hands fluttering
like a flock of stolen song birds.
Let him see the scores of house lit faces.

His hymn is a haunting
in the iris of each eye.

Ist est nicht schön?
Ist est nicht schön?*

Is it not beautiful?  Unfortunately, I cannot seem to get the umlaut keyboard trick to work.

Beethoven began to lose his hearing when he was 26.  By the age of 46, he was almost completely deaf.  Still, he continued to compose. In 1811, after the premiere of his brilliant Ninth Symphony, he had to be turned toward the audience so that he could see the applause.  Unable to hear, he wept.

For Hannah's prompt at Real Toads.


Sam Edge Author said...

This poem made me feel l like punching someone in the face and then running up a mountain.

It took a whale to figure out why but for me you have captured his power and frustration.

"Like a flock of stolen songbirds" that line sunk in n echoed through out the whole poem.

Mary said...

How very sad it must have been not to be able to hear his own composition being played or to hear the applause.

schön -- when typing the 'o,' hold it down and the other varieties will appear.

Fireblossom said...

Oh, goodness. This almost makes me cry. That middle couplet is amazing. I don't know how you make so much so vivid in so few words. It is your particular (and very rare) gift, Kelli.

Kay L. Davies said...

"He had to be turned toward the audience" might not be part of your poem but it tears my heart out. I've always known about his deafness, but that makes it oh so real in a way it never was before.

Hannah said...

Oh, Mz...yes. Brilliantly.

Thank you for joining.

Susie Clevenger said...

You have so beautifully penned the scene when Beethoven saw the applause his ears could not comprehend.