Thursday, February 20, 2014

Before I Had Money

Before I had money,

I had a spine
straight and true as a section line
from stiff neck to strong, unbroken back.

I had hands
capable and constant,
chapped and work rough,
with red dirt crescent moons under my nails.

And, I could fail
when I had to.
I could fearlessly fail.


Susan said...

Truth and beauty.

Jae Rose said...

Sometimes the more we accrue the more we feel we have to lose..therefore we take less risks? I love the imagery of those bones and backbone..I think that is a either have one or not..and there are advantages to smooth hands

Helen said...

Fear of failure. Paralyzing if we allow it. Lovely poem.

Enigma said...

And now that I have money, I am fearful of losing it and am having dreams that I can put it away in a corner and it would multiply on its own sitting there.

Intriguing and thought-provoking poem.

hedgewitch said...

Money sucks, mostly, but I've yet to give it up to go live in a refrigerator box.

This poem, otoh, completely doesn't. The price of comfort, of security never sounded so high--and it slaps and stings in every line.

Fireblossom said...

I love it when you write this way. I adore this poem. The details in it make it so alive.

Sioux said...

Mama Zen--Every poem of yours is so different, but always well crafted and true in voice.

Anonymous said...

as always, on point, sharp, lucid, wise ~

Kerry O'Connor said...

There is some liberty in that!

Lorraine Renaud said...

When I could work, I never failed until I fell

Love what your wrote Mama Zen