Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Your Glittering City

I ran to your glittering city
with my suitcase full of shadows,
decades stuffed in a duffel bag,
and a kiss caught in my hands.
Yes, I ran

as if wolves were behind me.

Understand; your glittering city
seemed a sort of asylum -
a haven for my hiding -
a map with shifting sands
where I could blend in

and escape the wolf beside me.

Damn your glittering city!
Damn its prophets peddling psalms.
Damn its alimony and alms.
Damn its saviors at the roadside stands.
Nothing can

cure this wolf inside me.

For Izzy's prompt at Real Toads


Susan said...

YEs, the truth of running away is that wolf behind, beside, within. I have heard some churches are good at exorcism, but have never found one. Truthfully, I like wolves better than cures. Gorgeous wonderful poem.

Sioux said...

This is almost a case of "Killing Me Softly" (which was written about Don McLean)...It's as if you got inside my head--at this moment--and burrowed into the deep recesses of my brain.


Kerry O'Connor said...

What a poem!!!

I love the alliteration - and such an excellent choice of words. You make it look easy, MZ, which is your gift, but I know what hard work it takes to put something this stylish together.

Anonymous said...

What we run from is exactly what we run into. You wrote this magnificently.

Kathryn said...

Those wolves can be a powerful reason for running.

hedgewitch said...

Really excellent, vivid and alive writing here, MZ. I hate cities, though I've been glamoured by a few now and then.

Anonymous said...

movement, behind, beside, within: powerful, MZ ~

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Very cool poem, Mama Zen! I love it.

Robert Bourne said...

Oh this poem really rocked.. having a wolf of my own I can relate..glittering cities I have seen and everything in between...

Sam Edge said...

nailed it.

Isadora Gruye said...

Ah yes, what I like the most about this is the universal feel of the "Glittering" city, cannot this be anywhere to any reader! They all glitter from time to time. Funny enough, the first thing which popped into my head was a big ol oil refinery we have here, the thing sits about 40 miles outside any real city, rises from the prairie and glitters like the emerald city gone nuclear. Well done, lady, and viva la

Margaret said...

Adore that first stanza and well, we can't run from ourselves, and we should be careful where we run to! Quite the lesson here.

Helen said...

... city glitter has no hold over me. I run as though cows are chasing me, into the countryside.

Love this one ... MZ!

Marian said...

alimony & alms, ack!

Kay L. Davies said...

Glittering cities—like mirages full of apparitions, haunting our horizons.
Alliteration is contagious, doncha know? And your poems get under my skin, as if they've always lived there.
I agree with Marian...alimony and alms: ack indeed!

Fireblossom said...

I like the way you put "Yes, I ran" at the end of the opening stanza like that, then put the stand-alone line to complete it. The wolf lines all stand alone, and after all, they should. Good stuff.

Susie Clevenger said...

There is a glitter draw for all of depends on the fairy dream...some more demon than this!