Saturday, December 7, 2013


The Turkish Pipe by Jennifer Macneill.  See more of her work here and here.

The clear bead at the center
changes everything.
There are no edges
to my loving now.
                           ---- Rumi

I made a mala
string nest for my Rumi pipe
and put the clearest bead

at dead center.
But, nothing changed.

I guess my loving
still has its edges.

For Margaret's prompt at Real Toads.


Mary said...

Ah, indeed, sometime loving does maintain its edges....or perhaps smoothness is only an illusion.

Susie Clevenger said...

Oh love seems to have too many edges at times..brilliant take on the photo.

Fireblossom said...

I agree with Susie. This is a cool take on the picture!

Ella said...

Your ending is swoon-worthy!
I love it~
I love a gal with edges ;D

Helen said...

Embracing our edges ....yep! All good.

Anonymous said...

love this ~

Sioux's Page said...

Those last two lines---a perfect end to your poem.

Susan said...

Wonderful-- the Rumi and photo and the entire picture you draw in words with "nothing changed" as fulcrum. Despite Rumi, edges have their uses. Especially if the center is dead.

Anonymous said...

Ah! That is quite a witty write. The mala and the bead at the center and the edges of love- well penned. You were truly inspired by the photograph and Rumi. :-)

kaykuala said...

Chuckles! Rounding off the edges can still come up with uncertainties. But still it's best to continue anyway! Nicely MZ!


Anonymous said...

For us, the beads stay clear for about as long as the kitty litter's clean. Our nests must stay imperfect. Quite a pearl here! - Brendan

hedgewitch said...

Great Rumi quote,and you play off it well--other peoples' beads and relics may not have the same magic effects for us, and that sense of round perfection I've found, never lasts long, if the beads are square underneath their easily worn off coating.

Kay L. Davies said...

Ooh, so well said, MZ, and, as always, beautifully concise.

Margaret said...

FANTASTIC idea - I might have to borrow this train of thought for a challenge! And I honestly can't tell you which I like more … you or Rumi!

Kerry O'Connor said...

You really turned that one around.