Friday, December 6, 2013

Devil In Disguise

You look like an angel.
Walk like an angel.
Talk like an angel.
But, I got wise.

The first feather falls
unnoticed.  The second
bleeds the sky black
and back to finite form,
shaping and swirling
every curve and angle
of you until there you are:
muse and myth,
fantasy and fable.
You look like an angel.

Wings wet with wonder
cling to your back,
flat; then slowly unfurl
to fullness.
Arms and legs
in a sweat slick tangle
separate, and you stand -
steady, steady . . . stable.
You walk like an angel.

Words come slower.
First, sighs sneak soft
past your lips and tease
my ears like careless kisses.
Then moans, low and animal,
break the strangle -
hold of your throat.
You speak: music and mayhem
and mad, morgue mangle.
You talk like an angel

from an unbalanced heaven,
where halos have been traded 
for horsewhips 
and habits discarded
for heresies.
Your pharisee eyes
undo me,
but your hands lie
limp on the harp, and I
get wise;

you're the devil in disguise.

A bit of a goof for The Mag.


Sioux said...

Mama Zen--This was a great way to begin my snow day. Thanks.

Lorraine said...

one of the sweetest smile I ever saw ended up a psychopath and a coward, how does that even work...

Margaret said...

This is CRAZY good. Knocked my socks off.

TALON said...

No goof here, Mama Zen. Just purely magnificent writing.

Marcoantonio Arellano said...

love your style

Helen said...

Birthing the Devil .... wow.

Anonymous said...

MZ, this gives me goosebumps. The verse breaks, especially to the last stanza - let's say they put a strangle-hold on my throat. ~

The Sentinel said...

In reading, I felt the fascination with the animal. Not wanting her to be the angel after all. And yet, the fear of knowing the animal would be our downfall. Our damnation.

hedgewitch said...

Briefly, from the dark--this is sweet and slick as a newborn foal trying out its, legs, and now I'm seeing one of those goth black pegasi, flying high--'pharisee eyes' is genius.

Tess Kincaid said...

Nice one...especially like "wings wet with wonder"...delicious...

Susan said...

At what point do you think the devil recognized his/her self? "They know not..."
Powerful narrative, meter, alliteration, bringing her/him closer and closer. is it I?

Lydia said...

Well, hell. This is just so perfect in every way that I just gave up on the idea of trying this prompt! Really, this is genius, the way you used the lines from that old song (one that I love, btw) in your poem. This is a far cry from being anything close to a "goof"!

Fireblossom said...

No one could fool you for long, MZ. I love the way the speaker observes each slow revelation.