Thursday, October 3, 2013


I can confess in a foreign tongue
and make sin sound sweet to the ear.
I can keep a promise in a cool, dry place
so it lasts at least a year.
I drift along with the planet's spin
and still end up where I ought to be.

But when I put the leaves
back in the trees,

it's still November.


Sylvia K said...

Ah, I'm afraid you're right!! I have the same problem! A delightful one as always!

Fireblossom said...

I like the drifting along with the planet's spin!

Susan said...

Can't feel sorry that it will still be November when your narrator has all those other talents!

Lorraine said...

you are always so full of intrigue, I look forward to seeing how you'll outdo yourself once again

Kerry O'Connor said...

Some things cannot be undone.

Anonymous said...

lyrics, like so many of your posts. for some reason, I'm humming Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, and this pen fits the tune.

Mary said...

Yes indeed.....time continues to march on. And November will always be November.

Anonymous said...

Just so cool. k.