Wednesday, August 14, 2013


For years, I was martyred by moonlight.
A pale prisoner of midnight.
I tried cures from liquor to lullaby.
But, only jasmine helps me sleep.

A touch,
but not too much,
behind my seashell ear.
Rubbed -
here - a little rough -
till my blood flows freer.
Dark rush;
then the sweet hush
of rest as long as jasmine's near.

Many years I was martyred by moonlight.
A pale prisoner of midnight.
I tried cures from liquor to lullaby.
Now, my jasmine helps me sleep.

Kerry has us writing Romantic songs at the Garden today.  This is a type of chanson called the virelai. The height of the form's popularity predates the Romantic Era by a good bit; however, it was still used by some Romantic composers.  Anyway, it's a chanson and I learned a new word, so maybe Kerry will let me slip by.


sylvia kirkwood said...

Whatever it's called or is, yours is lovely and wonderful imagery!! Hope ;your week is going well!!

Kay L. Davies said...

A new word to me as well. You've certainly done the form justice, and more. I love "dark rush...sweet hush" and I want to find myself some jasmine for my ear.

Susie Clevenger said...

This is so beautiful..the imagery is vivid. I learned a new word, but not sure I could write one. Fantastic piece!

Lorraine said...

stunnning and beauty and eerie all I know is that chanson is French for song :)

Fireblossom said...

Best sleeping pill in the world.

I really liked the middle section with the touch/much/rough and the ear/here/freer and the way you arranged them.

Jasmine only blooms at night. From what you've written here, she's not alone.

Susan said...

Clever! A tarot card of a poem with symbols that open door after door. In Berkeley CA I lived in a first floor apartment with night-blooming Jasmine near the door. What dreams! Often indeed the Jasmine touches, the rushes, deep sleep. Of course, I was in Graduate School, so I remembered nothing until this poem. Thanks!

Brian Miller said...

the refrain is beautiful...

love the seashell of the ear as well...

tight little piece mz....

Kerry O'Connor said...

I love that you went looking for an antique form of chanson for this challenge. I plead total ignorance of the form but I love the way you have used it for this challenge: the gentle repetitions, the rhyme and alliteration all lend so perfectly to the musicality if the piece.
As a lover of jasmine perfume straight from the flower myself, I am totally sold.

Ella said...

Torturous temptations in bloom! I loved it MZ-fabulous to read!

I need to try, try again!
I love the enchantment, the lyrical perfume!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Very beautiful!

Nimue said...

sweet .. I am tempted to try this too :) Jasmine i mean !!

grapeling said...

beautiful, MZ

Quentin said...

This is gorgeous!