Monday, August 12, 2013

Dog Star

The dog star shines
on thrift store stages -
pages from her Book of Days
heart-chose, hand rolled, and smoking
between her wet wound lips.

She works for tips.
Flattens the fields and fires the rich man's ships.
Skips stones at collared crows
and slender slips
her fingertips
across the bellys of plum ripe girls.

She rips
remedy from every careless curse.
Finds comfort
in knowing she's disturbed

with her words
a world that's spinning fast
out of her hands.

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The Real Cie said...

Sounds a bit like bipolar mania--something with which I'm unfortunately familiar.

humbird said...

Sharp!captured not easy life...

Susan said...

Looked up "Dog Star" --interesting reading for over 45 minutes, though it did not help much with this heated poem. Who is she? Perhaps she is ripeness and healing, Demeter, Mother Nature herself, Gaea trying to keep passion alive and stave off the flood--or is it the fire. Regardless, this poem has affected, in-fected me deeply. (And I like the internal rhyming, the esses (s) and the diminuendo of stanza length as they spiral down.) I bow to you.

Kerry O'Connor said...

I often wonder at the heightened sense of the world that one who is losing a grip on reality may have - be they visions or an impractical viewpoint. I read this as a description of one such, perhaps out of tune, or listening to the world played in a different key.

Timoteo said...

Finding comfort in knowing one is disturbed...yes, I think that has been my goal all along.

Hannah said...

She's alive with your descriptions and your rolling rhymes are a really well to move the reader. Excellent, Mama Zen!

Fireblossom said...

"Skips stones at collared crows
and slender slips
her fingertips
across the bellys of plum ripe girls."

^^^I'm liking that, and from there it has a twisted sort of order to it that is different, and makes the poem.

Brian Miller said...

her wet wound lips...ouch....the skipping stone and fingertips stanza as well is tight and finding comfort in being disturbed...she makes for a very interesting character, eh?

grapeling said...

Wow, MZ

Margaret said...

I'd love to hear your take on this poem.... I usually get most of yours. Even though I have lots of questions, I still got caught up in the sound of this disturbing poem. ;P

Kay L. Davies said...

An amazing write, full of distraction, and distance, and more.

Karen said...

I am in love with the sound of this poem...had to read it aloud (which makes for strange doings in the dark, starless morning).

Lorraine said...

Wet wound....yeah me too i had to say it out loud, will catch me had a computer glitch new laptop and all will catch up eventually

ayala said...

her wet wound lips..a hard life, good capture.

Ella said...

so many great lines! I loved this one-it has a haunted feel,which I love ;D