Saturday, July 27, 2013


I feared the loss of fire
so I curled coal on my tongue,
and I swallowed.
Now, I fear the water.

Sucking lemons from the rind
seeds and all
grew a grove inside of me.
Now, I fear harvest hands.

I built cities of my bones,
skinned the streets,
and named them for my daughters.
They fear their mother, now.

So, I wrapped my womb in wire
and called it Art
For the Busy,
Modern Man.

For Cory's prompt at Real Toads


Mary said...


Sioux said...

As Jerry Lee Lewis said, "Great balls o' fire!"

Ella said...

I love the contortion of your poem!
Yes, bittersweet~

Brian Miller said...

dang...the first stanza alone is awesome...the bone city, skinned streets named after you daughter is fav stanza...wicked write mz

Kerry O'Connor said...

Chasing away fear can be an art all of its own.. You find the poetry in some of the darkest states of mind. As a mother of daughters I really felt this on an emotional level.

Sam Edge said...

killer start chilling end!

Marina Sofia said...

I too loved the stanza about the skinned streets named after your daughters. Chilling and powerful!

hedgewitch said...

The progression here, one slap of sharp image after another, leaves the mind softened up for that last bitter left-right combo, then the gut punch--and the way you've used description, literal and lyric, ought to be against the law.

Helen said...

... this is exquisite.

ds said...

Yowza. Fierce, chilling, gut-slamming work. I liked the skinned street stanza too.

Grace said...

What firepower ~ I love it MZ ~

Fireblossom said...

Damn, girl. That's poetry, with an edge. The middle two stanzas particularly just crackle.

Susie Clevenger said...

Wow! Sharp points. Awesome!

Lorraine said...

exquisite, and the pain, the strength of it all...I gasp and take a deep breath I know fear I've lived it until I broke, now I don't fear and don't feel much except when I view all my friends' blogs they keep me alive, you get me excited that the bottom can be so awesome

Herotomost said...

Holy crap, that cuts just about as raggedly as a half buried tin can, infection sure to ensue. Being used to the humor that you usually infuse, this was a very welcome sidebar. I haven't seen that good of a descriptive analogy of a woman's life in many a moon, and even if I had i would swear on a stack of Watchtowers that this one would still be the best. Great job, that was emotional candy for the diabetic. thanks MZ!!!!

Kay L. Davies said...

Ouch, MZ. Raw emotion defined!