Friday, June 14, 2013

There's A Girl

image by Merri Melde

"Hell is now in session in Abilene." --- Topeka Commonwealth, 1868

There's a girl
in San Antone.
And, if I ever
make it home
I'll take up prayin'
and buy her a ring
and never breathe a word
about Abilene.

Cause there's a girl
in Abilene
sweet as spring water
and sweet on me.
She lies in clover.
and don't say no.
She don't give a damn
about San Antone.

But, there's a river
that runs between,
red dirt muddy
and rolling mean.
If I go under
between the banks
give my love
and give my thanks

to San Antone
and Abilene.

Note: Abilene, Kansas was an "end of the trail" town for the Chisholm trail cattle drives.

Some Cowboy Poetry for Margaret's prompt at Real Toads


Kerry O'Connor said...

Ah, brilliant, MZ. The song of a true nomad, song of the trail...

Marian said...

hoo baby got a good one here!

Margaret said...

Oh.... this is GOOD! Let's hope 'ol Abilene never meets up with San Antone... I hear those gals can be vindictive. ;P

Brian Miller said...

ha. you need to put this to a steel might just make the radio mz...

Fireblossom said...

This is just perfect.

Susan said...

I can't stop laughing long enough to get all feminist on you, whether the rambler is a woman or a man . . . 'tis all the same.

henna ink said...

I love this poem, especially this part:

"She lies in clover.
and don't say no.
She don't give a damn
about San Antone"

Keep writing cowboy poetry, Kelli!

P.S. I love a girl (or cowboy) who knows how to spell "damn" and use "lies" correctly, even if she says "don't" instead of "doesn't." ;)

Mary said...

There's nothing like a TX cowboy poem! Love this.

Margaret said...

Back for another read ... Did you add the third stanza? Was it there all along? Yes, Brian is right. This should be a CW song !

hedgewitch said...

You have the dust in your bandana, and the wind in your face in this one, MZ. A lot of good nights on the Goodnight-Loving trail.

kaykuala said...

This will make a dainty little song MZ! Throw in a Randy Travis accompaniment and you are on. Brilliant take Ma'am!


ayala said...

A great one!

Helen said...

You got the words .. I got the tune ~ let's collaborate!!

Kay L. Davies said...

You nailed it, all the way from Abilene to San Antone, this is one seriously cowboy poem.
I love it.

Susie Clevenger said...

Singing a song of a woman in each it!

Truedessa said...

This is really nice and as I read it I thought it would make a good country song within a Texas sunset

Jinksy said...

That's a cowboy for you...:)

Maggie Grace said...

Awesome cowboy poetry! I could hear this deep voice narrating it for me in my mind ;-O

Sioux said...

What a chameleon you are...a cowboy poem/future song?

Damn good stuff.

Patricia A. McGoldrick said...

I like the way you used these towns as the focus, a real western type of tune approach!

Lorraine said...

Brilliant and impressive and....well, you

TALON said...

The old west beams through this, Mama Zen.

Grandmother said...

This is so cool and so cowboy!