Friday, May 24, 2013

The Location

Nothin better than that Okahoma sunset & a pumpjack silhouette
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Southern Baptists say
that the Holy Ghost came
to banish dancing
on Friday nights.
So after football games,
the wind whipped
all us
oil field trash outta sight

to The Location.

We'd park up in the blackjack,
headlights toward the pumpjack,
crush us a pipe,
and pass it around.
Cooler full of Bud Light.
Keystone on a bad night.
Fly, I'll buy -
back road it to town

from The Location.

I was in the bushes for a squat
so I didn't see Todd
try to jump the bonfire
and trip and fall in.
We prayed for him on Sunday
and fund raised on Monday.
Come Friday night,
bonfires burned again

at The Location.

When I was in high school, the big party place was an old pumpjack site.  Believe it or not, it was nicknamed The Location.  A coincidence I couldn't resist for Fireblossom's "location" prompt at Real Toads.


hedgewitch said...

Yeah, there's an almost eerie feel to those grasshopper rigs at night, which of course one doesn't notice when jumping or squatting after too many(in our case) Pearls, but I always felt like they were sucking up more than oil out of the permian dead places so far below. Maybe it *was* the Holy Ghost. Love the praying on Sunday and fund raising on Monday especially.

Kerry O'Connor said...

This should be put to music - it sings!

henna ink said...

This is hilarious! What small-town girl can't relate? We went to a field called "The Pad." :) Your poem brought back some fun memories. Thankfully, no one ever fell in a bonfire. But that was a great ending ... the Sunday, Monday, Friday sequence.

Siggi in Downeast Maine said...

I agree...very musical quality to this.
A great memoir piece a great write to stir up reader's with their own memories.
Thank you,

Maggie Grace said...

I'm so there watching all this happen. Such descriptive writing and with such an impact.

Fireblossom said...

Natch, you had to go with this! I think we all knew a place like this, and a kid who "couldn't handle it" like we could, cough cough.

Babs wonders if you remember bumping into her in the bushes. She now claims she was looking for Saks and got turned around somehow, but I don't believe her.

Helen said...

We had a corn field and cheap wine. Bonfires too .. once we caught the edge of the field on fire ... man, did we fly. My town was way too small and isolated for pipes!

Mary said...

I am feeling sorry for Todd, MZ.. I do hope he made it.

Susan said...

I knew my schoolmates were doing wild things at night, but we weren't allowed. Thanks for the squat-eyed view, and the infinite return of the bonfire at The Location.

Other Mary said...

Very relatable, yet omnious with Todd's mishap. I too think this would be good set to music.

Nara Malone said...

Amazing how your words paint the picture of my high school hangout, minus the oil rig. Loved this.

TALON said...

I love how this went from light to dark to light again, Mama Zen. I think we all have similar locations in our youth.

Brian Miller said...

ha. ours was the park n ride down by the truck stop, where the appalachian trail started, just our of sight...smiles...blowing the field trash out of sight...nice write mz...

Kay L. Davies said...

I don't think I ever saw an oil rig until I was 21. But one known as "The Location" just has to be ideal for Shay's prompt today.
As always, you told an entire story with a minimum of words, MZ. Great work.

Ella said...

We had Skinner's Pit-
Great poem and you had to go there ;D
Fun to read!

Susie Clevenger said...

I should be put to music. I remember summers and places like this.

gabrielle said...

We had the subways and swelter on rooftops.
This piece embodies the inexorability of youth. And yes, it should be set to music!

Lorraine said...

So vivid , your writing is exceptional, I'm so glad I found your blog

Marian said...

you've written something universal in all your specificity. so great!

Margaret said...

Killer lead in line and it just rolled on from there ... Vivid and real. Awesome.

ayala said...

A cool write.

Anonymous said...

We had "smoky corners," at first for cigs, later for the "420." In the woods near the high school.

The final stanza is brill - the tragedy, the burial, the fundraiser, the... back to normal.

Can't believe yours was called "The Location"! Serendipitous. Amy

Anonymous said...
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Sara McNulty said...

Love your writing. I felt like I was there.