Saturday, May 18, 2013

Little Red

Artwork by Amanda Robinson

Little Red wears a hand me down hood
tattered and a size too small.
Her basket hangs empty from her skinny arm;
she's got nothing for Grannie at all.

But she has friends
of friends of friends
just west of Hunter's Bend
who help her sell Grannie's Percocet
so that Grannie can make the rent.

And since Grannie's been known to skip a meal
so that she can feed her cat,
Little Red will swing by the Food Bank
to try to put a stop to that.

I let Little Red go on her way;
I couldn't bring myself to take her.
I may be a big, bad wolf,
but I've more scruples than Grannie's banker.

For Margaret's prompt at Real Toads


Brian Miller said...

ouch...selling the percocet to make rent, cause the bankers done taken the rest...thank goodness that the big bad has scruples at least...sheesh...a little honest commentary in this...

Helen said...

Love the fractured fairy tale poem! I'm likin' that big bad wolf today.

Hannah said...

Oh, wow! Mama Zen! I love that this fairy tale got all modern day ghetto on us...such a sad situation for Granny and Red. Well done indeed!

Enigmatic Soul said...

Intriguing take on the classical story of red riding hood. Enjoyed reading it. :)

Kerry O'Connor said...

There is real social commentary here, MZ.

Fireblossom said...

Nothing to be added to this. I love the twist you put on the tale, and the dart you sent home at the end.

Mary said...

Enjoyed this, MZ. Some wolves DO have a conscience indeed.

Anonymous said...

Intriguing new view on the classic tale.

Kay L. Davies said...

Fabulous. The big bad wolf is better than the big bad banker.
I loved "selling Granny's percocet"! LOL
Always enjoy your point of view, MZ. Never the same as anyone else's, but always something we can understand and relate to.

Lorraine said...

You are an exceptional writer, mystery I never how it will end but you always see the reality, bankers are real toads and thieves, bravo Mama Zen you're quickly becoming one of my favourites you have no guilt at not being hopeful cheerful and inspiring like me, what I write is rarely pretty, but I just can't lie, but I pay the price by having people I admire not visiting me, I'm too ...something or another

Phil said...

Some sharp and observant poetry there Mama Zen. Thanks.

TALON said...

What an awesome twist, Mama Zen! Re-inventing the fable...yet making it completely true-to-life. Loved it!

Susan said...

Fantastic. Thank God for the Robin Hoods of the world, who may not stop crime but try to be fair!

henna ink said...

"Little Red wears a hand me down hood
tattered and a size too small.
Her basket hangs empty from her skinny arm"

I love this opening. This alternate vision of the fabled little innocent. My mind is spinning with the idea that the original Red might have had a little sister, whom she taught all her sweet and deviant ways before running off into the woods with the wolf.