Thursday, April 11, 2013

In Case Of Feedback . . .

"Honey, this place is a freaking barn.  The bleed and bounce is gonna kill us if I try to bring you up too much.  You're gonna have to throw it at the back wall and knock that bitch down."

So sayeth the soundman:  Project, Project, Project!

I used to sing in church -
high, sweet,
and straight
out of the Southern Baptist hymnal.
Loud and for the Lord.
But, this . . .

Project, Project, Project!

is a completely different animal.
Testosterone rock,
triple miked,
and Marshall amped.
Testosterone rockers,
nickel beers
And, me -
seventeen years old and one hundred pounds soaking wet,
trying to do what technology can't -
carry my voice above the boys.

Project, Project, Project!

With a little road experience,
I learn some tricks.
Where to stand to kill feedback.
How to cup my mike just so for echo.
How to stifle the urge to murder my drummer.
I soak my once stellar soprano in whiskey,
saturate it with smoke,
and I


Someday, I'll get inquisitive enough to ask the obvious question:
why is it the girl's fault that the boys are too loud?
I'll get brave and challenge the masculine unity of volume.
But, by then, it'll almost be over.

Till then, it's smudge the eyeliner,
activate the inner tramp,
and put on a show.

And, when the jukebox dies
and my mike goes live,
I am breath and mantra.

Project, Project, Project!

I do, and it's delicious.

The Sunday Whirl words for Corey's prompt at Real Toads


Sylvia K said...

Love it!!

Herotomost said...

Wow, I did not know that this prompt was going to result in such great writing. This may be the longest one of yours I have ever read and boy howdy this one is awesome.There is nothing that an get in the way of passion, not even all the boys voices. When you are at the right place at the right time, doing what you love to is as delicious as it gets. Great stuff MZ...loooveeddd it!

hedgewitch said...

"How to stifle the urge to murder my drummer."

Laughed out loud there, though there are plenty of things here that are far from a laughing matter...still, those projection skillz you carve out for us to see will probably stand you in good stead, MZ. And not just vocally.

Ellecee said...

Love it, gritty and full of determination,,,win, win,, what could be better than that?

Susan said...

Yes, there is a "masculine unity of volume"! Women project beyond it anyway, and if they tramp it up, some boys actually notice. I recently rewatched THE RUNAWAYS"--Joan Jett, maybe before your time--and this poem is like an arrow into that world with less drugs and a little more electric. Wow, MZ, figures a poem about voice would get you talking! Powerful multilayered delicious freedom.

Kerry O'Connor said...

Soooooo cooool!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is wonderful!

Brian Miller said...

ha i bet it is... work the long form as well as you do the the energy in this mz.

Fireblossom said...

Ex-press yo seff!

Kay L. Davies said...

Wow, to be able to sing is wonderful; to be able to sing and project is fantastic; to be able to sing, project, and write about it later is truly Zen.

Helen said...

Rock me Mama ~~ like a wagon wheel! Wheeeeeeeeeeee.

Ella said...

I wanna rock out with you, lol!
Sing it Mama Zen..I know you still gotta in ya ;D

I love these lines:
"Till then, it's smudge the eyeliner,
activate the inner tramp,
and put on a show.

And, when the jukebox dies
and my mike goes live,
I am breath and mantra."


Margaret said...

I'm an alto and I used to feel this way about those diva sopranos :) I have paid a small fortune for voice lessons for my oldest son. One day I went to a jam session and he was SCREAMING his lungs out to punk/rock music. He had NO idea HOW to do it properly and he was hoarse for a number of days. I threatened him within an inch of his life.

Not too long ago I went to see him in student led production of "Black Parade" He was one of the male lead singes, Happy to say, he knows HOW to project and protect his vocals.

This poem is as clever and witty as any of your short shorts. You are amazing. Totally enjoyed this very real poem!

uneven steven said...

whoo lovely ride - thanks for more insight into the feminine journey in our society -

Marian said...

love it, MZ, release that inner tramp and raise the rooftops!
and ain't it just the way it is, you figure out how to express it just about the time it's over.

Robyn Greenhouse said...

Makes me want to smudge some eyeliner and grab a mike..except that I can't sing!

Mary said...

I enjoyed this. The inner tramp has to appear once in a while, and project, project, project indeed! ( I wanna be in the audience.)

Buddah Moskowitz said...

I completely understand, which is why I've never been in a band.

I still think I like you best as a solo act - then, at least I can nurse the notion that I can be *like* you.

You've mastered the short form - and FYI you've also mastered the longer form too.

Listening to: The Wind Cries Mary - Jimi H


TALON said...

Loved this, Mama Zen! A pure delight and the the "I am breath and mantra" took my breath away.

Grace said...

Love the power and voice here MZ ~ You totally rock this ~

Knowing your background, I appreciated the inner workings of singing to the crowd ~

Dave King said...

Testosterone rock,
triple miked,
and Marshall amped.

I'd have been as pleased as Punch to have written even some of this! OK, a cliche, I know...

Susie Clevenger said...

Love it. Those guys need their testosterone challenged. I didn't grow up in the church but I did time singing in a Southern Baptist Choir as an adult..My did that sound too harsh? lol Rock on MZ