Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Snow Ice Cream

When the snow reached my knees or better,
I'd get out the big, green bowl
and make snow ice cream.
I was twelve and unsupervised,
and I had few inklings
and even fewer concerns about food safety,
but I knew what I liked -

two raw eggs dropped in a bowl of snow,
a dash of vanilla and a slug of milk,
sugar, and more sugar
all stirred together into a sweet, sticky, salmonella slush
and popped into the freezer
to ferment and fester to a creamy concrete.

Oh, it was like eating pure, unprocessed heaven!

And, it's a damn wonder food poisoning didn't send me directly there.

But, deadly as it sounds,
I didn't even come close to dying that snowy winter

despite being twelve,
and doing exactly as I liked.

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Merry Christmas!


Laura said...


Kimolisa said...

Ha Ha, the fun of the unsupervised :) Merry Christmas

Martin Shone said...

Ah the days of just doing...

Grace said...

I haven't tried this snow ice cream ~

Oh the thrills of eating pure, unprocessed heaven ~

Happy Holidays ~

Brian Miller said...

ha being 12 and unsupervised...that might get a little scary, but is telling itself....we used to make snow ice cream, still do with my boys...minus the egg...never had it with egg...i might have been missing out...some good memories though with snow ice cream...

happy holidays mz

Marian said...

funny, that sounds revolting and wonderful at the same time. i hope you have snow now! (we don't, grrr.)

Anonymous said...

Never heard of, let alone made snow ice cream. Added to the bucket list ;-)

Susan said...

Lovely circle,the dangerous ice creamy eggs you lived through. We used to suck raw eggs to have hollowed out shells of dyed eggs to string for Easter! eugh!

Anonymous said...

How daring, but in someways makes perfect sense to a twelve year old... nice... Great memory and poem. :)

my heart's love songs said...

oh, i love it! glad that you didn't get sick though.

Merry Christmas, MZ!

Mary said...

Oh my!!!! Just the thought. I have seen what snow looks like when it melts....yikes.

Laurie Kolp said...

Oh, Lord... the thoughts of all the possibilities. We are invincible at that age, though... and independence is so new, we'd try just about anything. My youngest had salmonella as a baby... it was horrible.

Arron Shilling said...

A tasty mix . . . a recipe for disaster turned into something
wonderful . . . the measure is
ace and the sense of under the surface movement and meaning
could be there, or alone the PO
stands and sets for simple

jasmine calyx said...

"I had few inklings"

What a great hint at your personality. I love this clipped line, a world of information you're only touching on in this poem. I think this story only scratches at the surface of Pre-Mama Zen.

What a great way to close this:
"I didn't even come close to dying that snowy winter
despite being twelve,
and doing exactly as I liked"

It just begs the question, "What else did you do?"

Anonymous said...

A sweet poem. I used to also do a great deal of unsupervised cooking. I did have one grease fire--trying to make doughnuts!--

It - the cooking, not the fire - gives a child a great feeling of power and creativity, I think.

So I very much sympathized with your poem! I hope you are having a happy holiday season, MZ. k.

Kerry O'Connor said...

Sounds like a winning combo to me - and a lot better than mud pies.

Sabio Lantz said...

So, what have you done risky of late?
Any fun careless, irresponsible joys to help you remember this freedom of youth?
Each time we remember such things, we should celebrate with recklessness -- for we only live once, and for most of that time, we are rarely free.

Great poem.

The other day, I got the kids and me to go outside (in bathing suits, in the winter) and roll in the mud -- that will remain as memories for them. Hopefully when they are in their 40s, they will remember to do something insane like risk eating raw eggs.

In Japan we put raw eggs over our rice all the time. Never got bit by diarrhea -- loved it. And in my youth I made milkshakes with raw eggs every week in highschool -- again, no problem.

I loved the story (split up into verse)

Jenny Herner said...

This post is the best recipe ever! Love it!

Ash Sharma said...

A tasty poem, i must say. Happy holidays :-)

ayala said...

Hope you had a merry Christmas !

Ginny Brannan said...

Sort of like eggnog over snow. There are worse things to eat than this, I'm sure. (Especially when you are 12!)
Enjoyed reading this capture!

kkkkaty said...

..amazing what kids can think of to do for fun ...sweet poem ;)

Anonymous said...

Like Like this

Fireblossom said...

Sometimes real living involves a little bit of delicious risk! Many 12 yr olds realize this instinctively.

Bodhirose said...

Not much worse than eating cake or cookie batter with raw eggs...we did it all the time.. I love the focus of your twelve year old self making a heavenly goody for yourself...unsupervised.

Happy New Year, Mama Zen!