Friday, June 1, 2012

This Machine

This machine
rides my hips,
my lips wrapped around a microphone.

This machine
breaks curfew
while nice girls sit at home.

This machine
rocks hard,
cradles soft,
and loves you free.

This machine
kills sexists
and preaches wildcat truth in E.

Note: "This machine kills sexists" is a nod to Woody Guthrie's guitar.

This machine kills fascists. ~Woody Guthrie

For Marian's "Suzi Quatro" prompt at Real Toads.


Fireblossom said...

Got to love a machine like that.

Susie Clevenger said...

Love...what a machine!!

Sylvia K said...

Oh, yes!! Have to love it!!!

Kerry O'Connor said...

It's all about the musical instrument, and the bond between it and the musician. Someone who isn't in love with their guitar shouldn't be playing.

Sioux said...

If you love Woody and Pete, stand up and sing along...(I'm standing, but I'm thinking of everyone's ears so I am singing along very, very quietly.)

Women who sing, who play the guitar, who rock--they're a unique breed, and should be celebrated...and adored. But women who can (or who HAVE in the past) play and sing and perform AND they write mind-blowing poetry--those women I do NOT adore. ;)

Brian Miller said...

gotta love a little wildcat truth....smiles.

Marian said...

gosh i thought "this machine kills fascists" from your very first line. excellent!

hedgewitch said...

Killer poem as well. Perhaps there's a goddess in the machine? Great shot of Woody.

Ella said...

I love this one! The words so portray a rock performance...

I love the images that come to mind reading your words~ :D This poem sings!

Kay L. Davies said...

How many people these days even know who Woody Guthrie was? He wrote more songs than most of us have had hot lunches.
Great tribute to him, his guitar, and of course to Suzi Quatro. You excel at "less is more" and I always admire it so much.

Fred Rutherford said...

This was a very unique way to look at the power music has. I love how guitarists name there guitars btw, not sure if this machine was what he named it or if it was applied by another, but the point is still valid for me. Great write MZ

Mary said...

Rock on! So well expressed.

De Jackson (WhimsyGizmo) said...

Love! This reads like a song.
Especially like this line:
"and preaches wildcat truth in E."