Friday, January 27, 2012

Footsteps Of A Cat

Her breath balances earth and sky.
Her toes caress the weathered wood.
The loft has never felt so high,
and fear has never felt so good.
Far below, where she once stood,
are those who watch her high wire act.
Faith places each step where it should,
soft as the footsteps of a cat.

That's how she came to crave those eyes,
and seek them every way she could.
Risking the fall, she felt alive.
But landing's price, she understood,
would bleed her, break her like dry wood.
A part of her, it welcomed that.
To fly, then go to ground for good.
Soft as the footsteps of a cat.

Ask her now the hows and the whys;
you'll hear no tales of reaper's hood.
She'll faintly smile and then reprise
the day that she first walked the wood
rafters of the big barn that stood
till time and tempest knocked it flat
and brought her high wire down for good,
soft as the footsteps of a cat.

So, should you stand where she once stood,
the curtain closed and stage gone black,
be glad you flew when fly you could,
soft as the footsteps of a cat.

A Ballade (that's French for "kicked my ass") for dVerse.
Also submitted for the "balance" prompt at Theme Thursday.


Claudia said...

my goodness mz...i'm in awe...this is the lightness and depth in this...and i'm no expert but i think you nailed the form....kudos...** wow!!

Fireblossom said...

I especially like the second stanza. You're a better cat than I am, Gunga Din. I didn't even try this.

Brian Miller said...

very cool mz...great job tackling a rather difficult form with some nice finesse to it...well played all around but i like the last stanza...

Daydreamertoo said...

A wonderful rendition of a cat's tale...or how it saved its tail, (ass) or not.
Beautiful write MZ :)

Brendan said...

Wonderful parable here, the cat's tale (hm) of performing on the high wire with every animal instinct intact - both in knowing how to balance, but more importantly, how to fall. You did a pretty masterful weave of the Kicked My Ass form -- if it did, you landed on your feet. I just know there are some high wires best left alone -- like whiskey and other women. I'm still trying to get all the glass out of my paws from the last whoopie whoopsie whoomp. -- Brendan

Anonymous said...

You pulled this off with grace, skill, and enviable cool!

ayala said...

I love your poem...but this has to be one of my favorite ones. It's awesome!

Marion said...

I love, love, love cats and cat poems. Awesome!! xo

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed. I gave it a whirl for about 15 minutes and abandoned the idea entirely. You blew it out of the water ... or off the roof, as it were.

"Her breath balances earth and sky"
"and fear has never felt so good"
"That's how she came to crave those eyes"
"be glad you flew when fly you could,
soft as the footsteps of a cat."


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Lovely. It moves well, like a cat.

Teresa said...

What an amazing tale you've told with this perfect ballad! This is wonderful.

Margaret said...

I can't believe you did yours already! I will come back and read these early next week... Well, forget that. I just read it and it is beautiful.

Now that the fence is gone, does it mean her wanderin' days are over?

Laurie Kolp said...

You make this form look so easy... and I especially like the ending.

Bodhirose said...

Love this! You caught the essence of cat perfectly...and the refrain is as delicate as kitty paws.

Caty said...

Haven't been around blog world much lately, but glad I stopped in and read this, MZ :) Awesome!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Bodhirose's certainly caught the essence of a cat! A lovely read!

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Lydia said...

I skimmed the prompt and thought: yeah, maybe. Picked your Linky to read before I shut down for the night. Now I'm so excited by what you accomplished I think I actually will try the form.....but by next week, my genius friend.
Methinks your muse has soft paws and whiskers!

Beachanny said...

You clever cat-loving woman! WooHoo. I loved your poems - landing of little cat's feet. I completely agree with Brandon - throughout, I felt this was much more than a poem about a cat but captured the daring (or should I say derring-do) in the hearts of everyone, acting as a metaphor overall. The form was quite careful and KUDOS! for the caesura in this line "Far below, where she once stood" the comma becoming a very definite syllabic beat! Well done!

hedgewitch said...

I think you got the ass-kicking reversed. This is excellent in all ways--subtle, rhymed just right, and full of strong image and great description for a message brought home on soft cat paws. Fine whatever-it-was. ;-)I took one look at those instructions and ran like the coward I am.

Friko said...

This is good. Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

What great form, and a wonderful poem to read out loud, I found - it sings, just like a ballad should. Very effective, the repetition of "soft as the footsteps of a cat" at the end of every stanza.

Fred Rutherford said...

Fine writing MZ, I took a stab at the form as well, but I didn't like what I came up with and didn't feel like however long it would've taken me to fix it up. Awesome job with this. The third stanza kicks some serious butt, love the opening two lines there, no tales of reapers hood- awesome. Thanks

Mrsupole said...

What a wonderful poem. While reading I could feel myself going where she has gone and wishing that I was as brave.

Maybe it would help me to overcome my fear of heights but then at my age I wonder if anything will help.

Thanks so much for playing in this weeks Theme Thursday Balance. I hope you like next weeks prompt as much.

God bless.

Ruth said...

What a gorgeous paw-fall here.

kaykuala said...

A feline never had it so good. A great tribute to all cats. Great verse MZ!


Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

I love cats, good poetry and surprises, so obviously I love this!

(I didn't get time to try this intriguing form before the link ran out, but intend to have a go some time.)