Friday, November 4, 2011

Running Away

is way too harsh and cold.
Home is sweet and distant
when you're lost and all alone.
Had a tiger by the tail.
You know a tiger turns to bite.
Left with music without melody
to get you through the night.

Am I in you?
Do you see you in me?
To hell with today.
For a while,
I'm going to be free.

The things I do
are the actions of a fool.
Divorced from normality,
to me they ring so true.
Listen to my story.
Can you foresee a happy end?
Falling apart is a matter of time,
a question of where and when.

Where and when?


Fred said...

love this piece. A nice string of melody, some great images- the tiger turns to bite- love that. The final stanza I hear loud and clear. Excellent read, thanks

Richard Cody said...

You might be writing about me!

jen revved said...

This rings true like the blues-- perhaps join up w/dverse poetics today and feel a tad better? I turn 63 today and feel a bit blue myself. You are a terrific writer and gift to us all, MZ. xxxj

Fireblossom said...

We're all falling apart, in one sense or another. I like to believe that we are falling *toward* something, though, and that there are style points awarded.

hedgewitch said...

I kind of like freedom, myself, even if its just another word for nothin left to lose and all--and seeing the other in oneself, oneself in the other, it seems silly but oh how comforting it is, especially when home is far. And falling apart in the right place can work out just fine sometimes...Beautiful piece, MZ.

Marion said...

Oh, yeah, I can so relate to this one. I saw a quote recently that said, "Read Books, Fuck Reality". My thoughts exactly. LOL! xo