Thursday, November 17, 2011


We don't have to end badly
just because that's all that I know.
You ain't gonna come at me
with whiskey roughened hands.
I ain't gonna screw your friends for show.

No sheriff knocking on our front door
looking for one of us.
Or, both of us.

We don't have to end badly
just because that's all that I've seen.
You ain't gonna leave me
with my cupboards bare.
I ain't gonna throw things and scream.

No jealous lovers banging on our door
looking for one of us.
The two of us

can just let go.


Fred said...

Powerful piece. Love that you kept your voice here and the tone was fitting. You really do a great job illustrating a myriad of topics in your own uniqueness, one I for one, look forward reading each day. Thanks for the read

hedgewitch said...

Sometimes things just quietly fall apart from both directions--that's sad, but at least its not as crazy as pretending till you're dead before you're buried. You've captured a state of mind, then translated into the local dialog for it in a very simplistic and real way.

Heaven said...

To let go quietly, instead of screaming and that is nice ending.

Like your voice here MZ~

Fireblossom said...

After all the brassy non-starters, this poem ends with a whisper and is all the stronger for that.

Anonymous said...

the last line says it all! amazing poem, MZ! love it! ♥

Sylvia K said...

Yes, the last line does say it all. You never cease to amaze me, MZ. You speak all my thoughts and feelings -- even though they are long ago, it's wonderful to have all those feelings expressed and me not having to say/write a word! And, yes, it's all about letting go quietly. Thank you!


Dave King said...

I'm struggling to find words to say how much I like this and why. It has me slightly flummoxed, but it's an ace. The voice is part of it, I think. Superb.

Laurie Kolp said...

Love the diction... it pulled me in.

Brendan said...

Like I said before, you and Coal Black ought to take your act on the road ... i've been listening to a lot of female blues singers lately (more on that to come) and this tough, whiskey-road steeliness is tempered by a heart that has survived its own immolations, or, at least knows there is more than one choice, one inevitable door, one more reboot at ground zero with nothing to show for all that got given away. Adult can just shake hands and walk away. Hearts can mature that way. Fine song, MZ - Brendan

anthonynorth said...

After the force, an excellent ending.

Caty said...

Absolutely. I could feel the fight brewing and then the relief as it was just let go. loved it :)

Lolamouse said...

They can but they probably won't.

Anonymous said...

Easier said than done, but well said. K.

Anonymous said...

Such raw, blunt human truth to this one...