Thursday, September 8, 2011

Simple Thing

The lady waits in silence
for the knight to come.
The one that she has chosen.
The one who does no wrong.
She knows that she's foolish.
She just doesn't care.
The lady waits in silence.
She knows he'll soon be there.

Like violence
like rain
like a sunrise
her love is a simple thing.

His fingers stroke her face
and trace the lines of care.
Lines of time and loneliness,
lines that he put there
"Someday I'll be worth it."
This a solemn vow.
"I'll be there beside you
when heaven's crashing down."

Like violence
like rain
like a sunrise
his love is a simple thing.


G-Man said...

Somewhere I can sense two hearts beating as one...
You Rock MZ...

G-Man said...

Thank You....G-Man

Heaven said...

I like the different point of views, yet coming together with love as being the driving force. A simple thing, huh? Complicated with a tinge of violence in the mix.

Enjoyed it much ~

Margaret said...

"Someday I'll be worth it"... hmmm. I somehow doubt that... and he's lucky as hell that she thinks so.

Is this a 55? Or did you not post it yet...

Sylvia K said...

I love it, as always. No one says it better.


Shannon Lawrence said...

I felt this one. Very good.

Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

That last line's a real clincher!

Fireblossom said...

But, not a simple poem.

Tara R. said...

Not so simple... beautifully crafted.

Rekha said...

I enjoyed this tale of simple love but with complexities woven. A fabulous 55.

hedgewitch said...

His brain is also a simple thing, apparently. Love the litany of 'violence, rain, sunrise.' Works perfectly to interject some whalebone into the lace.

ayala said...

Not so simple....but good!

Fred said...

Love the medieval reference- carries through very well and a nice poem as a whole. Thanks, really enjoyed it

Anonymous said...

Very nice...The knight in armor always makes for an intriguing subject...I can relate to this one; I like the way you liken his love to forces of nature.

Evelyn said...

This is hard.

"Like violence
like rain
like a sunrise
her love is a simple thing."

Anonymous said...

the refrain just did me in!

....a simple thing.

this is amazing! ♥